Episode 064: Energy Systems & The Heart featuring Alex Tanskey

Following on from episode sixty-two, this time Jon and Alex delve into the different types of energy systems in the body and the role of the heart in improving conditioning.

Best Productivity Supplements

Our most precious resource is time. Just like Bradley Cooper found out in "Limitless", it is non-replenishable and we always wish we had more as we continually need to be more productive. In order to get the most out your available time, it may be necessary to use a cognitive enhancer, productivity supplement or whatever... Continue Reading →

The Week in Review

Some of the best tweets I came across this week include one from Anthony Donskov and the problem with too much coffee, Kevin Neeld on managing high school athletes in the weight room, Christoph Koble on creating year round training plans and a post on sectarian chanting in Scotland by Daniel Taylor of the Guardian.... Continue Reading →

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