Episode 002: Exercise and Setting Goals featuring Alex Tanskey and Chris Mullins

In episode two of "The Pillars of Health" Jonathan sits down with Alex Tanskey and Chris Mullins to discuss how correct management of exercise can lead to a routine of sustainability, consistency and what we like to call "training for life" at The Movement Lab. Setting goals can be a daunting task when it comes... Continue Reading →

Coaches Series – Part 8 – Brendon Rearick

This weeks episode is really awesome. ¬†Strength coach Brendon Rearick from Movement as Medicine took the time to tell me how his life philosophy has changed since being diagnosed with ¬†Aplastic Anemia a year ago.     Brendon Rearick is a guy who impacted my coaching career tremendously along with Kevin Carr from Mike Boyle... Continue Reading →

Coaches Series – Part 2 – Joe Young

In this weeks installment of the coaches series we talk to Physical Therapist & Strength Coach Joe Young of "Young Performance". I met Joe while at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning and we have developed our bromance ever since then. Joe is super intelligent, a great coach and also one of the nicest guys you'll... Continue Reading →

Eat Well, Live Well for June 2015 – “Keep It Cool”


The Week in Review

A few things worth mentioning this week include Elsbeth Vaino on the Half Kneeling Position, football supporters in Germany, Lance Armstrong and a quote for all coaches and players from Chris Doyle. 1. Coaching the Half Kneeling Position Elsbeth Vaino from Custom Strength goes through a guide to the half kneeling position in this video... Continue Reading →

Food Rules for the Holidays

How to Beat Hypothyroidism…………and your Doctor!

Hypothyroidism is a condition the American Hypothyroidism Association estimates affects up to 20 million Americans with up to 60% of people unaware of their condition. The process of finding out what is affecting you and how to go about fixing the situation usually develops into a long journey. As you battle the symptoms, you even... Continue Reading →

Brendan Rodgers, Frustration and Liverpool FC

Brendan Rodgers is a relatively young manager. Having had spells at Chelsea under Jose Mourinho and then taking on the Swansea job himself, he rose quite quickly by getting a job at Liverpool relatively early in his managerial career. Rodgers has shown his stubbornness many times during his short Anfield career. His press conferences are... Continue Reading →

Liverpool 0-2 Chelsea – Hindsight is 20/20

By Jonathan Carroll   It was a game that Liverpool needed only a point from. A game that Chelsea really needed to win in order to stay in the title race. Brendan Rodgers didn't back in down in trying to go straight at Chelsea from the off and take the game by the scruff of... Continue Reading →

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