Episode 049: Minimalism, Eco Living & Creating a Successful Online Business featuring Jess Lewis

Jessica Lewis is the co-owner of Knockout Print Shop with her husband Matt. Jessica is a StrongFirst certified coach and also previously owned and operated a gym in Chicago before relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina. Among the topics of conversation are dogs, coffee and tiny houses as well as the following: Generating online business into... Continue Reading →

Tweets in Review

Tweets of the week include a great info graph on the Sugar Cycle, a FitCast episode with my man crush Monday, every Monday, Brendon Rearick, Brett Bartholomew drops some knowledge and Conor Ryan on inefficiencies in your body. 1. The Sugar Cycle https://twitter.com/bulletproofexec/status/569196151553069056 2. Brendon Rearick on the Fitcast https://twitter.com/KevinLarrabee/status/572798820632932352 3. Brett Bartholomew on the... Continue Reading →

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