Eirinn Carroll is an integrative strength and performance coach at The Movement Lab in Raleigh, North Carolina. Nutrition is a very deep topic so in part one of three nutrition related episodes, Eirinn and Jon attempt to keep it simple and address the major actionable areas. There are some really great take aways in this... Continue Reading →

Eat Well, Live Well – Sustainable Eating Habits

5 Food Rules to Follow

  In order to stay on top of your goals, whatever they may be, nutrition plays a key role. When it comes to food, we all need guidelines and here are 5 practical rules to embrace right now. Everybody says they "eat well" and that they don't need help in that area but it's usually... Continue Reading →

Eat Well, Live Well March 2015 – Spring Clean your Eating Habits

How to Beat Hypothyroidism…………and your Doctor!

Hypothyroidism is a condition the American Hypothyroidism Association estimates affects up to 20 million Americans with up to 60% of people unaware of their condition. The process of finding out what is affecting you and how to go about fixing the situation usually develops into a long journey. As you battle the symptoms, you even... Continue Reading →

Eat Well, Live Well (Surviving the Grocery Store)

A post from February 2014 from Eirinn Dougherty on what you should look for in the grocery store.

Label Language Explained

By Jonathan Carroll Ever wonder is there a difference between 100% Organic and Organic on your groceries? Well there is. Take a look at this helpful "Label Language" to distinguish between different claims made on produce in supermarkets all over the world. Know exactly what you're getting. Check the article out here on Prevention.com  

Conditioning Without Running

Mark Rippetoe recently posted an interesting article on the misconception that you can only become conditioned through running miles. In his article "Conditioning is a Sham" Mark goes into detail on how strength is relative to certain lines of work and also that novice trainees need to plan their conditioning sparingly.

The Sleep and Recovery Cycle

Use this graph to see when you should be asleep and what exactly happens when you are asleep at certain times. It also recommends "dimming lights" as the evening progresses to signal to your body ┬áthat rest time is approaching. This reemphasizes the importance of getting some quality shut eye as it helps you function... Continue Reading →

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