Episode 013: Dealing with Food Allergies, Sensitivities and Celiac Disease featuring Maren Kravitz


In episode thirteen of the podcast, Jonathan is joined by the co owner of The Training Room in Boston and his boss, Maren Kravitz, to discuss how food and the way we react to it plays a role not only our training goals but also in our everyday life. Maren discusses her own personal journey with celiac disease and some of the topics discussed include:

  • Differentiating between an allergy, a sensitivity and celiac disease
  • Symptoms of sensitivities and celiac disease
  • Seeking medical help to curb food reactions
  • The path and process to becoming reaction free
  • Food restrictions and their implications
  • How to handle eating out
  • Food reactions and your fitness goals
  • Advice for someone currently suffering from a reaction to certain foods


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Are you Stressed Out?

stress therapy and management helps in relaxation reduce tension

A Tribe Called Quest put it best in their song “Stressed Out” with the lyrics, “I really know how it feels to be stressed out, stressed out”. We all know that feeling. Traffic is crazy or someone does something to set you off and before you know it your heart is racing, your breathing becomes short and rapid and your mind is racing. This is not a something we want to repeat over a lengthy time period. Unfortunately a lot of the population walk around everyday in a state of “fight or flight”. Their stress response has become a conditioned state of everyday normality. Short term is fine, a conditioned chronic use of your stress response is where you may be in deep trouble. Continue reading