Episode 051: Training for Health versus Performance, Social Media in Fitness & Integrating Perspective featuring Miguel Aragoncillo

Miguel Aragoncillo is a strength coach at Cressey Sports Performance in Massachusetts. He currently works with a mix of athletes and people in general. Miguel provides a detailed look into the differences between training for health versus performance as well as what musical era he would like to travel back in time to. Other topics... Continue Reading →

Episode 012: Cultivating Self Respect, Stress Strategies and Sport Psychology featuring Dr. Jonathan Jenkins

In episode twelve Jon is joined by Dr. Jonathan Jenkins. Jonathan is a psychologist who owns and operates "Mental Fitness Psych" -  his private practice which is located in Brookline, Boston. He also works with professional, collegiate and high school athletes and sports teams in the general Boston area. The topics discussed in this episode... Continue Reading →

discuss stress and how to go about managing it. Over the course of the podcast the guys go into what factors cause stress in our lives, how to combat stress through different modalities of training and also how to measure stress. Hope you guys enjoy!

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