Episode 076: The Growth of Hip-Hop, Basketball & American Football in Ireland featuring Eddie McMahon

During a recent trip home to Ireland, Jon had the chance to catch up with a longtime friend, Eddie McMahon. The guys grew up together in Navan, Ireland and look back on how the music they listened to and the sports they played have grown into more than they ever thought possible. Eddie and Jon also discuss how Eddie dealt with his transition from Queens, New York to going to high school in Ireland, what it was like hosting a hip-hop pirate radio show in the 90’s in Ireland and how Eddie manages the pillars of health.

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Episode 051: Training for Health versus Performance, Social Media in Fitness & Integrating Perspective featuring Miguel Aragoncillo

Miguel Aragoncillo is a strength coach at Cressey Sports Performance in Massachusetts. He currently works with a mix of athletes and people in general. Miguel provides a detailed look into the differences between training for health versus performance as well as what musical era he would like to travel back in time to. Other topics include:

  • Breakdancing
  • A definition of health
  • Training for health versus performance
  • Creating variability for health
  • Managing training expectations for people and their goals
  • Common training messages that come up
  • Trends in training
  • Social media on fitness
  • The influence of the Postural Restoration Institute on Miguel’s coaching
  • Miguel’s favorite Ron Hruska “Knowledge Bomb”
  • Managing the four pillars of health
  • Stress management and putting things in perspective

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