Episode 031: Planning to Achieve Your Goals & Why You Need to Prioritize Happiness featuring Tina Morin

Tina Morin is a Strongfirst level II coach and also the owner of Morin Strength and Conditioning located in Norwell and Weymouth in Massachusetts. Jon discusses Tina’s change from corporate America into the fitness industry and how she went about making such a drastic career change. Other topics discussed include:

  • Tina’s biggest lessons so far on her fitness journey
  • Why it is never too late to work towards your dream
  • Why Tina will always be a “Student of Strength”
  • Managing work and you health
  • Why you need to “Own It”
  • The power of positive self talk
  • Tina’s top take aways from being her own boss
  • Managing the Pillars of Health


Show Notes:

Tina’s favorite training shoes: No Bull Apparel & Footwear

Tina’s favorite yoga pants: Booty by Brabants

Book: “Sleep Smart” by Shawn Stevenson

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What’s your Favorite Retro Football Jersey?


What are some of the best retro football jerseys you remember? I recently came across an old jersey I wore playing U-16 football in Ireland (pictured below). That got me thinking back to some of my favorite football jerseys that were around back in the eighties, nineties and early 2000’s. My personal favorites include Liverpool’s home and away jerseys from 1988-1990, Shelbourne’s old home jersey and the Euro “88 Holland jersey are some standouts. Another standout in my opinion was the Arsenal jersey from 1992. Some other notables are pictured below. Continue reading

Books, Week in Review

The Week in Review

This week’s review includes a book giveaway, an article on common sense in training Gaelic football players, an all-inclusive nutrition guide, how to remedy tight hamstrings and the magic of the FA Cup!

Continue reading

Liverpool FC

Liverpool 2-2 Aston Villa – Complacency Costs Reds

Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com

By Jonathan Carroll

Following a fantastic away win at Stoke City where Liverpool were previously winless in the Premier league, Brendan Rodgers readied his team for the visit of Aston Villa as well as John Henry from Boston. There was a certain complacency with the tactics used on Saturday as Rodgers looked to utilize Steven Gerrard as a deep lying midfielder as Villa stunned Anfield by racing into a two goal lead in the first half due to the lack of presence in the middle for the home side.

Both goals could be traced to individual mistakes, Kolo Toure failed to stop Gabriel Agbonlahor from getting his cross in for the first goal and Steven Gerrard failed to track the run of Andreas Weimann. Christian Benteke stooped to nod home a second after Simon Mignolet flapped at a cross that Glen Johnson seemed to have covered. Liverpool have made Anfield a fortress of late and the start to Saturdays game was perplexing to say the least.

Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com

Liverpools response was swift. Luis Suarez found Jordan Henderson at the top of the box and his sublime flick was neatly finished by Daniel Sturridge to make it 1-2. Game on as Anfield erupted.

Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com

Brendan Rodgers brought Lucas Leiva on to start the second half instead of Philippe Coutinho and it worked wonders as the reds now had a hold of midfield. Gerrard in particular was very poor in the first half but he went some way to redeeming himself as he converted from the penalty spot after Luis Suarez has been upended by Brad Guzan in the Villa goal.

Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com

Liverpool looked to push on as Suarez went close from a free kick thirty yards out and Raheem Sterling also threatened. Lucas Leiva was substituted after taking a knock on his knee, something that will cause much worry around Anfield as quality defensive kids are rare these days at the club. With John Henry in attendance, perhaps the moves in the transfer marker will gain some momentum this week. Liverpool should strengthen given their positive position halfway through the season. The champions league is an attainable goal at this point in time. The only question is, why do the club look hesitant to strengthen when the need to is obvious?

Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com


  • 22 Mignolet
  • 02 Johnson
  • 20 Cissokho
  • 08 Gerrard
  • 37 Skrtel
  • 04 Kolo Touré
  • 31 Sterling Booked
  • 14 Henderson
  • 07 Suárez
  • 15 Sturridge
  • 10 Coutinho (Lucas – 45′ )


  • 01 Jones
  • 06 Luis Alberto
  • 09 Iago Aspas
  • 12 Moses
  • 21 Lucas (Allen – 66′ )
  • 24 Allen
  • 34 Kelly


  • 01 Guzan
  • 07 Bacuna Booked
  • 23 Bertrand Booked (Luna – 81′ )
  • 15 Westwood
  • 04 Vlaar
  • 06 Clark Booked
  • 08 El Ahmadi Booked (Sylla – 62′ )
  • 16 Delph
  • 20 Benteke
  • 10 Weimann
  • 11 Agbonlahor (Holt – 49′ )


  • 09 Helenius
  • 12 Albrighton
  • 13 Steer
  • 14 Luna
  • 18 Sylla
  • 22 Gardner
  • 29 Holt
Liverpool FC

Liverpool 2-0 Hull City – Normal Service Resumed

Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com

By Jonathan Carroll

Liverpool got back to winning ways at Anfield on Wednesday. A header from Daniel Agger and a majestic free-kick from Luis Suarez was enough to take all three points from their first game of 2014.  Continue reading

Liverpool FC

Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool – No Luck At The Bridge

Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com


By Jonathan Carroll


Trips to Stamford Bridge haven’t been too fruitful for Liverpool over the years. Sundays afternoon game was no different. After initially taking the lead through a Martin Skrtel tap in, Chelsea responded through a curling effort from Eden Hazard and a toe poke from Samuel Eto’o, who should have in truth, seen red inside five minutes.

Refereeing decisions have been a controversial issue for Brendan Rodgers since the offside debacle at Manchester City. Howard Webb was at the forefront of the game once more, surely the opposite intention of every good referee. Eto’o’s tackle was shin high on Jordan Henderson, a sending off in any game regardless of what minute the game happens to be in. You almost get the impression that Webb would prefer to rub shoulders with John Terry and co rather than give a decision against them and ruin having a nice drink after the game. The title of best referee in England needs examining.


Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com


Refereeing decisions only go so far and Liverpool must try and take games out of the hands of officials. Unlike the Manchester City game, Liverpool lacked ideas and for the most part, the legs to put Chelsea under pressure. Rodgers’ team had the perfect start. Then the Chelsea midfield took over. Lucas Leiva and Joe Allen couldn’t keep up with David Luis, Oscar and Frank Lampard or Eden Hazard.


Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com


The second half saw Liverpool gradually claw back into the game. Mamadou Sakho hit the bar with a header from a Henderson cross. Luis Suarez had valid appeals for penalties when John Terry and Eto’o clearly fouled the striker as he competed for the ball.


Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com


Most puzzling decision of all came from Rodgers who brought on promising youngster Brad Smith as a left winger instead of the more experienced Luis Alberto. Surely that one needs to be explained as on paper it made zero sense and it had little or no influence on the game. It was no fault of Smith’s in any way. The youngster was given a huge stage to make his debut, Stamford Bridge against Chelsea can be daunting for a seasoned pro yet alone your debut as a youngster.


Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com


Even though the reds have now lost two on the trot there are some positives to take from the game. Liverpool were very poor and Chelsea still needed to be on top of their game to win. Liverpool will improve and a few games at home upcoming should help to get the confidence back if Liverpool can dispose of Hull City on Wednesday.


Picture courtesy of liverpoolfc.com


Liverpool now sit in fifth heading into the new year with games against Hull on New Years Day, Oldham in the FA Cup on Sunday and Stoke City away on January twelfth. A new defensive midfielder and two fullbacks are a must. It remains to be seen how much backing John Henry will give Rodgers in the January transfer window. Two or three quality players and Liverpool could cement a place back in the top four.



  • 01 Cech – 5
  • 02 Ivanovic (Cole – 30′ ) – 6
  • 28 Azpilicueta – 6
  • 08 Lampard – 6 (Mikel – 45′ )
  • 24 Cahill – 6 (Booked)
  • 26 Terry – 5 (Booked)
  • 17 Hazard – 7
  • 04 David Luiz – 7 (Booked)
  • 29 Eto’o (Torres – 87′ )
  • 11 Oscar  (Booked)
  • 22 Willian


  • 03 Cole
  • 05 Essien
  • 09 Torres
  • 10 Mata
  • 12 Mikel
  • 14 Schürrle
  • 23 Schwarzer


  • 22 Mignolet – 5
  • 02 Johnson – 3 (Booked) (Iago Aspas – 83′ )
  • 05 Agger – 5
  • 21 Lucas – 5
  • 37 Skrtel – 5
  • 17 Sakho – 5 (Kolo Touré – 90′ )
  • 24 Allen – 6 (Smith – 60′ )
  • 14 Henderson- 6
  • 07 Suárez – 6
  • 31 Sterling
  • 10 Coutinho


  • 01 Jones
  • 04 Kolo Touré
  • 06 Luis Alberto
  • 09 Iago Aspas
  • 20 Cissokho
  • 44 Smith
  • 46 Rossiter
Referee: Howard Webb – 4
Attendance: 41,614
Football, Liverpool FC, Miscellanous

The Culture of “Supporting Your Team” is Fading Away

Photo courtesy of rte.ie

By Jonathan Carroll

Growing up I had no choice as to what teams I would follow when it came to Gaelic football and football. My father was and still is an avid Meath man when it comes to gaelic. I remember fondly the days standing on the Canal End in Croke Park watching Sean Boylan’s men rake in Leinster titles and Sam Maguires. I remember my father being passionate. Cursing of course but passionate. I like to use Tommy Tiernan’s analogy of how the Irish are so loose with the rougher side of the English language. Being Irish we are not supposed to speak English, but seeing as we were colonized we have no option. In order for our bodies to process this unnatural mix, we litter our conversations with curses as a protest to English occupation of our vocabulary. This of course is a light hearted joke from Tiernan but one that holds true. Continue reading

Coaching, Conditioning, Liverpool FC

Liverpool: 1st Half v 2nd Half

Rodgers rejects fitness issue

By Jonathan Carroll

Liverpool’s second half performances have come under much scrutiny lately. Even though the reds sit in second spot in the Premier League on goal difference behind Arsenal, the second forty-five minutes of each game have been anything but impressive. Brendan Rodgers’ men have played nine games so far this season.  Seven in the league and two in the Carling Cup. With the manager recently rejecting that a lack of fitness has caused the second half slump, a deeper look is needed. As a follow-up to my previous article. “Is Fitness an Issue for Liverpool FC?” I will attempt to breakdown the season so far. Seven games have been played in the league and two in the Carling Cup. The results so far this season are as follows: Continue reading

Self Improvement

Ferguson’s Formula


By Jonathan Carroll

Alex Ferguson recently addressed a Harvard business class here in Boston. The former Manchester United manager was loved by United supporters as he found a way to win with each team he managed. Club allegiance aside there are great aspects one can transfer from his philosophy into your own life in order to be successful. Here is a breakdown of some of the questions Ferguson answered while in the company of Harvard Business Professor Anita Elberse. A full transcript of the interview is linked at the bottom of this article.


Lesson 1. Start with the Foundation

“When you give young people a chance, you not only create a longer life span for the team, you also create loyalty. They will always remember that you were the manager who gave them their first opportunity.”

Lesson 2. Dare to Rebuild Your Team

“The hardest thing is to let go of a player who has been a great guy — but all the evidence is on the field. If you see the change, the deterioration, you have to ask yourself what things are going to be like two years ahead.”

Lesson 3. Set High Standards — and Hold Everyone To Them

“I constantly told my squad that working hard all your life is a talent. But I expected even more from the star players. I expected them to work even harder.”

Lesson 4. Never, Ever Cede Control

“There are occasions when you have to ask yourself whether certain players are affecting the dressing-room atmosphere, the performance of the team, and your control of the players and the staff. If they are, you have to cut the cord.”

Lesson 5. Match the Message to the Moment

“For a player — for any human being — there is nothing better than hearing ‘Well done.’ Those are the two best words ever invented.”

Lesson 6. Prepare to Win

“I am a gambler—a risk taker—and you can see that in how we played in the late stages of matches. … If we were still down—say, 1–2—with 15 minutes to go, I was ready to take more risks. I was perfectly happy to lose 1–3 if it meant we’d given ourselves a good chance to draw or to win. So in those last 15 minutes, we’d go for it.”

Lesson 7. Rely on the Power of Observation

“I came to see observation as a critical part of my management skills. The ability to see things is key — or, more specifically, the ability to see things you don’t expect to see.”

Lesson 8. Never Stop Adapting

“Most people with my kind of track record don’t look to change. But I always felt I couldn’t afford not to change.”


A full transcript of the interview can be found here.



Sunderland 1-3 Liverpool – Suarez and Sturridge Shine

By Jonathan Carroll
In a game that was defined by Liverpool’s response following Sunderland’s goal showed that even though Liverpool were far from top class they still done enough to win the game and claim all three points. It was the lethal combination of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge that took Sunderland apart and keeps them rooted to the bottom of the Premier League. Continue reading