Episode 039: Staying on Track While You Travel featuring Eirinn Carroll

Eirinn Carroll is a strength and performance coach based in Boston. Staying on track while you travel can be a lot harder than people think with the poor food choices on offer in airports and hotels. In order to find a way around these common road blocks when it comes to your health and fitness goals, Eirinn and Jon discuss alternative plans for good food, workouts, sleep and stress management.

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Episode 008: Part 2 of “5 Ways to Get More from Your Conditioning featuring Alex Tanskey


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Nutrition, Recovery, Self Care

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In today’s world we are able to call upon the google machine to help us research any and everything. The answer to almost every question is out there. If well sourced, you can find all the information you crave. Well, almost every question has been answered. There is one that still evades us…..”What is Colin Farrell’s best movie?”.  Continue reading