The Coaches Series

Coaches Series – Part 3 – Ricky Zambrano


It was thoroughly enjoyable to reconnect with my collegiate coach Ricky Zambrano, head coach of the Mens program at Thomas University. I learned a ton from him during my time at TU. He improved me on and off the field. I’m forever grateful for his influence. When Ricky first came to Thomas University I was recovering from a knee injury having previously red-shirted my sophomore season. It was some tough love from Ricky that made me realize that in order to achieve some things in life, you need to put in some serious work towards that goal. No one was going to hand it to you. I took it upon myself to stay in the US during the summers and work on my conditioning levels. When he saw me after the summer break of my sophomore season, I was reduced to the physique of a footballer instead of the overweight specimen he had left behind before the summer break. Continue reading