Episode 059: Training For & Competing In the Tactical Strength Challenge featuring Eirinn Carroll & Alex Tanskey

Are you looking to add purpose and direction to your strength training? The Tactical Strength Challenge from Strongfirst offers a unique challenge in raw strength in the form of a deadlift, a relative strength with pull-ups and conditioning via the kettlebell snatch test. Eirinn, Alex and Jon go over the following in this episode:

  • What is tested in the TSC?
  • Classes of Competition to choose from when competing in the TSC
  • Main training focus leading up to the day of competition
  • Training week outline
  • Combining all three movements in a training program
  • Advice for people considering training for and competing in the Tactical Strength Challenge
  • Incorporating a modified TSC for clients
  • What we enjoyed most about the TSC experience

Intro Beat created and produced by DJ Rugged One

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The “Big Guy Pull Up Plan”


When my collegiate soccer career began I was around 195lbs and getting pushed off the ball by American players that were stronger and built like brick houses. After my freshman year in college I decided the weight room needed to get to know me and vice versa. Nowadays I stay around the 225lb mark. Whenever I see lighter guys repping out pull ups like its nothing I think of Chad Johnson and channel my inner Ochocinco with a “child please”. Continue reading “The “Big Guy Pull Up Plan””

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