Tweets in Review

  This week I cam across a great flow chart on the Toe Touch, exercises for desk jockeys, adding Rotation into a program to deal with SI Joint Pain and a knowledge bomb from Kyle Holland. 1. The Toe Touch .@MartijnVeldkamp @gavrgray @tonygentilcore1 Check this Flowchart on the toe touch & article —... Continue Reading →

Tweets in Review

This weeks "Tweets in Review" include a great piece on program design from Tony Gentilcore, sleep better techniques from the Business Insider and Steve Maxwell on the Joe Rogan Podcast. 1. Tony Gentilcore on Program Design [New Post] The Key to Program Design. Diamonds? - — Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore1) March 25, 2015 2. 9... Continue Reading →

Fix Your Plank

The plank may be one of the most popular and abused anti-extension "core" movements around. Since its mainstream debut, everyone from strength coaches to yoga instructors include the plank as a go to in anterior core stabilization. A few factors that influence whether or not you are getting the biggest bang for your buck include... Continue Reading →

Articles of the Week

  Over the course of the week there is a lot of reading  to catch up on. The inter web provides some great new ideas and also opens the way for discussion on many different hot topics. One that caught my eye was the discussion over knees out in the squat. Both Tony Gentilcore and... Continue Reading →

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Trainer and Coach

An excellent insight into some of the most common mistakes committed by trainers early on in their careers. Recently published by Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore1 ) on his own website, the article (5 Mistakes I made as a Trainer and Coach that You Should Avoid) outlines some pitfalls we have all fallen into and if you... Continue Reading →

Improve Your Bench Press

  Recently I came across this excellent post by Tony Gentilcore on how to improve your bench press in an article titled "Tips For A Bad Ass Bench Press". Go ahead and have a read and then go straight to the gym and start benching and don't stop until the next Twilight movie comes out,... Continue Reading →

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